was founded on one ideal: that we can create the digital wonders of tomorrow, today. When a new programming language or software tool is released, we are there to figure out how we can utilize it to empower individuals and businesses, large and small.

We are flexible and confident. We take pride in our commitment to clear communication and put our clients' vision first. Our deep understanding of digital ecosystems means that not only do we walk the talk - we get our clients strutting too.

Alexander Mozeak

A talented programmer with a penchant for teaching as much as he learns, Alexander has provided services to a growing list of happy clients.

His background in theoretical computer science is grounded by his experience as an engineer in both corporate and freelance contexts.

Alexander believes that our technological tools are only as strong as the ways that we can explain them, and that clear communication is key to a project’s success.

Adelya Latifulina

A creative technician with a business mindset. Adelya allows curiosity to lead her in pursuit of knowledge.

To date, she has studied fine art / digital media, full stack web dev, product management, and completed an MSIT with a cyber security concentration with a 3.9 GPA.

Adelya believes that great products stem from great imaginations. One only has to envision the ideal form and Adelya has the tools to engineer the vision into a well-executed reality.

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